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If you are interested in buying something from us, or at least finding out a bit more before you make up your mind, then read on.....

Since nearly all of our products will be made to order for a specific customer (except throwbags and hats), this gives you the customer lots of potential input into what you want. So, if you want a specific colour, composite layup or anything else, all you have to do is ask and we will do our best to either give you what you want or talk you out of ordering a boat in hot pink! We try to work with all our customers individually to establish your preferences. For things like seam chops and kayak seat positions this works best if we meet up so you can test out the various options. Please note that there may be an additional charge for complex artwork or alternate layups.

Manufacturing to order also means that there will be a delay between you placing on order and getting what you ordered. We try to keep this to a minimum, but if we have lots of other orders, yours will join the queue. Our production cycle also doesn't run full time all year round at the moment, with the main construction and development periods usually being May-June and September-October. So if you order a boat in January, it probably won't be ready until May! In any case, we will give you an estimated delivery date when you order. We sometimes have a few smaller items, cosmetic seconds, and very occasionally a boat ready in stock, so if you are in a hurry it might be worth getting in touch to see what we have.

All of our prices are 'ex. works' and do not include delivery, any taxes or customs charges. For those used to the plastic kayak market, please note that footblocks, outfitting foam, straps, hip pads etc are not supplied as standard. This is to keep prices as low as possible. Outfitting foam is readily available from your local paddling store.


For the majority of our individual customers, and certainly everyone ordering from us for the first time, we will require a deposit before we start work. Once your order is ready we will issue you a final invoice which must be settled before you get your stuff. This could be done in person if you call to collect, or you can post us your payment by cheque. We have no card processing facilities so you can't put your purchase on a credit card unfortunately. All prices and transactions will be in Canadian dollars unless by prior arrangement.

For orders totalling less than CD$200, please pay in full when you place your order. For orders over CD$200, we require a 25% deposit.

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